• Network operators

    Gain unparalleled insight in the performance of your own and your competitors’ network. Accelerate your network management and drive your differentiation

  • Smart Cities

    Quality wireless connectivity is the cornerstone of any digital or smart city. Get the means to test the mobile services provided and engage in fact-based dialogue with the network operators

  • Tower Companies

    Identify the most attractive sites to acquire. Understand how network is performing and where demand will arise Prove and validate the performance of existing sites.

  • Enterprise

    Validate the coverage and quality SLA’s from your mobile service providers. Have access to an independent data source and help improve the performance of your suppliers

  • Regulators

    Get an unbiased view of the coverage and customer experience of each operator. Obtain the key statistics to evaluate the performance of every operator

  • Infrastructure & software vendors

    Augment the performance of your telco infrastructure and software products with a real-time data feed from Teragence.
    Help your customers get more value fr