Teragence deliveres hyper-granular competitive network analytics insight on any operator, anywhere, any time – in real time.

We do this by bringing together 3 key components:
  • Our high-fidelity measurement method , expressed in our NCX score
  • Our Crowdsource 2.0 approach, enabling us to create a larger and denser footprint
  • ExperiBench – our SaaS platform with an intuitive user interface

Measurement Methodology

The Customer Experience Benchmark Portal

Leveraging research of Queen Mary University of London, we have mapped the link between a selected set of network parameters and the resultant performance for all the main networked applications, i.e. HTTP, VOIP, Video, Audio, etc. We test the network from the “outside-in”, in a lightweight way that both preserves the privacy of handset owner and does not interfere with the actual operation of the network. Our NCX score, derived from these measurements enables us to benchmark the performance of any network.

Crowdsource 2.0

The Customer Experience Benchmark Portal

Through partnerships with mobile app providers, we install our measurement software on an embedded applet, providing us with an install base of 100,000+ mobile devices across the UK. Our applet is carefully calibrated to collect the required information while respecting the users’ privacy. Our crowdsource 2.0 model gives us a critical mass of measurement footprint, enabling us to provide real-time insight in the performance of any network, any time.

ExperiBench Portal

ExperiBench is our software engine and portal

It aggregates the measurements from the applets and translates these into NCX (Network Customer Experience) -scores for each main application and network. ExperiBench enables our clients to assess their network customer experience by provider, by region and by application. This information can be used to drive network investment and optimisation decisions and/or sales and marketing campaigns. Experibench also includes a web services API for direct access to customer experience data by our clients.

NCX scoring

NCX (Network Customer Experience) scoring is our proprietary network customer experience scoring methodology

NCX enables us to give our customers a standardised view of the network customer experience across different applications, while at the same time providing the depth and detail to identify the right corrective actions.